Motorcycle Shipping Methods

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The motorcycle shipping methods we use are:

  • Roll on Roll off
  • Groupage container

Roll on Roll off is the easiest and most economic motorcycle shipping method, however, it is worth mentioning that not many vehicle shipping trade routes offer this service for motorcycles. Before shipping, please check with us that this method is available for your chosen destination.

Groupage container is the most common of the motorcycle shipping methods. We can offer shipping in a groupage container to almost anywhere in the World. Your bike will need to be crated with wood and packing materials that are suitable for your chosen global destination. Our fully trained professional packers will build a crate to your exact spec of your motorcycle. The crate will then be safely and securely loaded into a groupage container before being shipped to your destination.

Before shipping, please check with us that you have the correct documentation that you need to be able to ship your motorcycle. Different destinations require different documentation, so it is vital that you check with us before shipping. If you do not have certain documents that you need, we can help you get them or we can obtain them on your behalf. This makes it easier for you and gives you peace of mind that you have everything that you need to ensure the shipping process runs smoothly.

If you have any more information about our motorcycle shipping methods or you would like motorcycle shipping advice, please contact us:


Telephone: +44 (0) 1268 242524

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