Importing a Car into the UK

Are you looking at importing a car to the UK? We offer expert shipping advice and a great shipping service.

Get your FREE shipping quote for importing a car into the UK.

You can rest assured that our dedicated and experienced team will look after the Customs clearance formalities for you and will forward the correct documentation to the Customs ‘Car Team’ so you will have no problem when registering your vehicle with the DVLA.

Depending on what your circumstances are will determine which Customs form you will need to complete. Just let us know your situation and we will send you the correct form to expedite the Customs clearance.

If you have not arranged the shipping of your vehicle then we may be able to help. Auto Shippers Uk have a global nework of agencies that can book the freight for you whether you choose to ship by roll on roll off, container, or even airfreight. If you have shipped with a third party then we will contact them and pay the UK charges such as terminal handling etc on your behalf.

Once Customs cleared Auto Shippers UK can offer the following options:

• If a Roll on Roll off service was used then we can release to your order ready for you to collect at the port, OR we can collect the car on a ‘transporter’ and deliver to any UK address.

• Your vehicle if shipped in a container then we can arrange for the container to be shunted from the quay and delivered to a local port warehouse. Vehicle will then be safely unloaded and securely stored ready for your collection or delivery.

Also, if you need information on registering your vehicle with the DVLA, please click on the following

If you need more information on importing a car into the UK, please contact us.

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