How To Ship Your Car Abroad

Shipping your car abroad may seem like a stressful thing to do. But if you know how to ship your car abroad with the right company, it will not be a stressful process!

Auto Shippers UK are the experts in overseas vehicle shipping, so you can be sure to get an excellent and trustworthy service from us!

If you are moving abroad, taking your car with you may be the cheaper and better option compared to buying a new car whilst you are abroad. Some countries are harder to import cars into than others, so make sure you check the restrictions (we can help you with this). You can ship your car in a container or by Roll on Roll off. Roll on Roll off is the most popular as it is the most economic method of shipping your car. Depending on how long you are taking your vehicle out of the country for determines whether or not you need to notify the DVLA.

If you need a shipping quote, you can get one for FREE by clicking here. Our quote form is quick and easy to fill out, once you have filled it out, you will receive a free shipping quote from us. If you are still unsure about how to ship your car abroad and you need some more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help!

Our website and blog includes lots of information about shipping your car and motorcycle. We have individual guides to specific countries that tell you the restrictions and what documentation you will need. If you cannot find the destination you are shipping to on our website or blog, please contact us.

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