Export Advice For Shipping a Car From The UK

We can provide you with export advice for shipping a car from the UK! Auto Shippers UK are the experts in overseas vehicle shipping.

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We ship by Roll on Roll off or by container. Depending on which method suits your needs. Container would be most appropriate if you want to ship a few personal effects along with your car. You cannot ship personal effects in your car with Roll on Roll off. However, you will need to check the method you have chosen complies with the shipping regulations of your chosen global destination.

First off, you will need to make sure your car is eligible for import into the country you have chosen. Some countries require specific paperwork or certificates. You will have to check that you have the correct paperwork and documentation for your chosen destination. Each country requires different paperwork, so make sure you are clear on what documentation you will need to ship your car. We have the information on each global destination on our main site’s global destinations page. If you need more information on any of the paperwork you need or you need us to help you with anything, please contact us.

Depending on how long you are shipping your vehicle for will also determine what paperwork you will need. We have a blog page explaining the paperwork you will need for temporary export and permanent export. Click here to visit this page.

Useful Links:

Exporting a car from the UK for 12+ months, GOV website: www.gov.uk/taking-vehicles-out-of-uk/for-12-months-or-more

Exporting a car from the UK for under 12 months, GOV website: www.gov.uk/taking-vehicles-out-of-uk/for-less-than-12-months


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