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Roll on Roll off for Car Shipping

• Obvious advantage for ‘container shipping’ is the added security that your car has been loaded and secured by our professional handlers.
• We ship cars in ‘dedicated’ containers, so no worry of other goods damaging your car.
• You are allowed to ship ‘household effects’ inside your car and container.
• We can also arrange to unpack your car from the container, and arrange delivery (for imports).

Air Freight for Car Shipping

• If you need your car shipped urgently, then air freight can take just a few days worldwide.
• If your car is of high value, prestige, vintage or you simply can’t wait to get it – then this service could be for you.

Marine Insurance for Shipping Cars

• We can arrange marine insurance with a ‘Lloyds broker’ on your behalf.
• This gives you added peace of mind whilst your car is in transit.
• We offer very competitive rates and may not be as expensive as you think – Tell us the value of your car and we will advise you the premium cost.

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