Car Shipping Methods

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Our three main car shipping methods are:

  • Roll on Roll off
  • Dedicated container
  • Air freight

We mainly use either Roll on Roll off or dedicated container for car shipping. Air freight is used only when you need your car shipped urgently.

Roll on Roll off is the easiest and most economic method of shipping. As there is no container, your car is simply driven on to the shipping vessel then driven off at your chosen destination. As you are not shipping your car in a container, we ensure your vehicle is safe and secure when shipping with the Roll on Roll off method.

Shipping in a dedicated container may be preferred if you want the added security. Roll on Roll off is a secure way to ship your car but shipping in a dedicated container offers you that extra safety for your car. The other advantage of shipping your car in a dedicated container is that you can also ship a few personal effects inside your car and container. This is a great option if you have a few items to ship along with your car. We can also arrange to unpack your car from the container and arrange delivery.

Airfreight is available if you urgently need your car shipped to your chosen destination. Also, if your car is prestige, vintage or of high value, this method is for you.

We can offer marine insurance with a Lloyds Broker at very competitive rates on your behalf. This will ensure peace of mind whilst you are shipping your car.

If you have any more questions and/or you would like more car shipping advice, please contact us:


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