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Are you looking to relocate this new year? Do you want to take your car with you? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, Auto Shippers UK are the company to call.

We take care of all aspects of car shipping. Get your FREE car shipping quote from Auto Shippers UK today!

A frequently asked question about car shipping is ‘how much will it cost to ship my car?’. The problem with this question is that there is no fixed price for shipping your car. There are many factors that determine how much it will cost to ship your car overseas such as: the make/model of your vehicle, the year of manufacture, vehicle dimensions, vehicle weight, chosen shipping destinations and chosen shipping method.

The best way to receive an accurate car shipping quote is to fill out our quick quote form which can be found by clicking here. This enables us to get all of the relevant information about your vehicle and shipping choices. Once you have sent us your completed quick quote form, we will then get back in touch with you with a personalised shipping quote.

As well as car shipping, we also offer motorcycle shipping and heavy plant vehicle shipping, so if you need any kind of vehicle shipped, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To discuss any questions you may have about any of our vehicle shipping services, please contact us by using the contact details below:

Tel: +44 (0) 1268 242524
Fax: +44 (0) 1268 286799

Alternatively, if you are simply just looking to find out how much it will cost to ship your vehicle overseas, please click here to be redirected to our quick quote form page. Simply fill in the relevant details and send to us.

Auto Shippers UK, the experts in overseas vehicle shipping.

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