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The first thing you need to think about when shipping your car overseas is the amount of time you are planning to have your car in your chosen destination. The length of time will determine what documentation you will need for the UK and your chosen global destination.

Temporary export (12 months or less):

If you are taking your vehicle out of the UK for less than 12 months (temporary export), you will not need any special documentation. However, as your vehicle is only being exported temporarily, it is still subject to UK laws. You will need to ensure that your car is taxed and insured in the UK whilst you are abroad and you will also need a current MOT certificate. Once you have all of this, you will need to make sure that you meet your selected destination’s licensing and taxation requirements.

Permanent export (12 months +):

To export your car from the UK on a permanent basis, you will need to fill in the V5C/4 ‘notification of permanent export’ section of your V5C registration certificate and send it to the DVLA. You will then need to keep the rest of your V5C registration certificate incase you need it to register your car abroad.

If you do not have a V5C registration certificate yet, you will need to get one using the V62 form and send it off to the DVLA.


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