Auto Shippers UK Vehicle Shipping Services

Here at Auto Shippers UK, we offer many professional vehicle shipping services.

We offer services such as: car shipping, motorcycle shipping, heavy plant vehicle shipping, Roll on Roll off shipping, container shipping, air freight, UK imports and customs clearance, etc.

We are dedicated to offering our customers a second to none service to give them complete peace of mind whilst shipping with us.

Our brand new vehicle shipping services to and from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia are in partnership with Transways. These destinations are just a few of many global destinations we can ship to. We can ship your vehicle to almost anywhere in the World; just contact us to find out if we can ship to the destination you want.

Below are brief descriptions about each of our services.

Roll on Roll off

This is the easiest and most economic method of shipping. Roll on Roll off shipping is available for car, motorcycle and heavy plant vehicle shipping. However, a lot of countries do not accept RoRo for motorcycles so you will need to check with us first.


Shipping in a dedicated container is available for all vehicles. This method gives you added security and you can also ship a few personal effects along with your vehicle.

UK imports and customs clearance

Our dedicated team can take care of the customs clearance and documentation you need to register your vehicle with the DVLA. If you are importing your vehicle into the UK, this would be the easiest option for you as we can sort out customs clearance on your behalf.

Contact us today to find out more information about any of our services.

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