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Can I ship personal effects inside my car?

If you are shipping by Roll on Roll off method then generally the answer is no. The Vast majority of UK ports will not even accept vehicles on the quay if effects are inside. Any effects that you do manage to ship will be entirely at your own risk.

If shipping by dedicated container then you can put effects inside the vehicle (accept on the driver’s seat) and inside the container (within reason) in the space outside the car. Our professional handlers will only pack goods outside the vehicle that can fit safely and securely. They will not pack goods around or on top of the vehicle that could cause possible damage to the vehicle whilst in transit. You will need to ensure that all goods are properly wrapped and packed and supply us with a full inventory.

What documents do I need?

Firstly, you will need to check that your vehicle is eligible for import in your destination country. Some countries will require certain certificates or import permits (as in South Africa), but mostly the process is quite simple. All we require to ship your car is a copy of the V5 registration document, proof of value (like an invoice) and our completed booking form which gives us your UK and overseas details.

Do I deliver my car or can you collect?

Either, whatever suits you best. If you are shipping your car by Roll on Roll off then we will book everything for you and let you know the ‘window’ when you can deliver. We supply you with ‘Standard Shipping Notes’ which will have the port address on and all the details you will need to drop your car off at the port.

If you are shipping by container then we will advise you the address and opening times of the loading depot.

In either case, if you want us to arrange delivery then we will send a ‘car transporter’ to collect your car from your home address or dealer and deliver to the port/depot on your behalf. Please contact us for a collection price.

Do I need to insure my car?

Insurance is a personal choice. Both Roll on Roll off and containerisation are normally very safe methods of shipping and we rarely have any incidents of damage or theft. However, we obviously cannot guarantee this 100%. The higher the value of the car then the more we would recommend you take out ‘marine insurance’. The amount of cover as set out in the BIFA terms and conditions (copy available upon request) is very limited and will probably not cover the value of your vehicle.

We can arrange marine insurance on your behalf and provide you with a certificate. Please contact us for details.

What happens when my car arrives at the destination port?

Unless otherwise agreed, our service is to ship your vehicle to the port or terminal in your destination country. It is recommended that before you ship your car you source a very good Customs broker at your destination who can handle the Customs clearance formalities and advise you on what local charges/taxes you need to pay. A good agent will be able to provide you with details of the process involved and what documents you will need, so that you do not have any issues or delays when your vehicle arrives.

We have a vast network of global agencies and may be able to assist. Please contact us to find out if we have agents at your destination.

When do I pay and what methods do you accept?

We will require payment by cleared funds prior to shipping (vessel departure).
If you ship by container then we may need to take a deposit of 10% when we accept the booking.

We accept most debit cards, credit cards or direct transfers to our bank account. We also accept personal cheques, but please allow up to 7 working days to clear.
Please note that a 4% bank surcharge applies to credit card payments. (Debit cards are free).

Do I need to pay VAT?

If your destination is outside the EU then all shipping costs are exempt from VAT.
You will only need to pay VAT if your destination is in the EU.
Current rate for VAT is 20%.

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