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With the high cost of buying used cars in South Africa, many immigrants or returning residents are finding that shipping their own cars from the UK to South Africa is a very attractive alternative. Even after paying the shipping and Customs fees the savings can still be very significant. The import process can be a little daunting but we are here to offer you help and advice.

We are very experienced in shipping all types of vehicles to South Africa and you will find our rates for roll on roll off or containerised shipments to be the most competitive in the market.

Main ports in South Africa are:

Port Elizabeth
East London
Cape Town (containers only)

Import permit (Must be obtained prior to shipping)
Letter of Authority (LOA)
Customs form DA304/A
Registration papers
Valuation for customs purposes

Import permits can be obtained from:
The Director of Import & Export control
Department of Trade & Industry
Private bag x 192
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

Tel +27 12 428 7793

Letters of authority can be obtained from:
The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
Private bag x 191
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

Tel +27 12 428 6276


Immigrants to South Africa are allowed to import one motor vehicle per family free of Duty and tax provided the vehicle has been in your ownership and used for at least 12 months, and will not be sold for 2 years after the date of importation. Additional vehicles may be imported but Duty and taxes will be levied at the full rate. In all cases, the vehicle must have been owned and used for at least 6 months.

Returning residents do not qualify for this concession. If you have been away from South Africa on a non permanent or working basis (even after several years) you will be liable to pay the full rates of Duty. If a resident did leave on a permanent basis and has decided to return to South Africa he must be able to show intention that the initial move to the UK was permanent i.e. closure of bank accounts etc in South Africa or have dual nationality.


Duty is 36% (unless the car is over 20 years old then the rate is 20%)
Ad Valorem Duty is charged on a sliding scale depending of the value of the vehicle. Minimum is 0.75% and maximum is 20%
VAT is at 14%

For more information please contact us on: +44 (0)1268 286999 Ext 68
Or email:

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Tel. +44 (0) 1268 242524
Fax. +44 (0) 1268 286799
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