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Population: 6,977,800

Hong Kong has seen an increase in imports of prestigious and high value cars over recent years.

Due to certain import restrictions on cars to mainland China, Hong Kong appears to be the attractive alternative, as Customs regulations are less rigorous and there is no Customs Duty on cars in Hong Kong, just a form to complete (CED336 or CED336A). But you will need to pay a ‘First registration tax’ and complete an application form TD22. Also, because of the high cost of buying cars in China/Hong Kong it seems to be very profitable for individuals and businesses to buy from the UK and ship to Hong Kong to sell on.

The cost of shipping to Hong Kong in containers is remarkably low making importing cars even more attractive (particularly if you have more than one vehicle to ship).

Our rates for shipping cars to Hong Kong are the most competitive in the market. This is complimented by our totally professional handling service for loading/lashing/securing your vehicles inside a container.

Or if you prefer we can also arrange to ship by roll on roll off method, although the price to ship one car by this method is similar to the price for a 20ft container.

Roll on roll off method is a weekly service from Southampton – approx transit time 23 days.

Our container service is also weekly, loading from London or Felixstowe – approx transit time 21-23 days.

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